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Phone Number Lookup


Need to get in touch with someone but don’t know their number? Perhaps your mobile phone malfunctioned and you lost all your contacts. Maybe you don’t have access to the number you need in your current situation. In this digital age we are no longer accustomed to remembering large amounts of information in our heads. There is usually no need, after all, to remember your friend’s phone number.


Thankfully however, this digital age also provides us with free tools to find out a number simply using an internet connection.Before you take this road, however, make sure there is not an easier way of getting hold of this person’s number. Do you have the contact information of a close friend or family member of the person you need to reach? If so, simply give them a call. We are guessing you already tried this though, as you find yourself here.


How to Perform a Phone Number Search Online


Step 1: Find a Free Online Tool


There are many websites that give you free tools to perform a phone number lookup. These include and These are websites that offer services to the United States. If you live outside this area there should still be services available to you. Use Google to search for find out someone’s phone number’, phone number lookup’, or phone number search from name/location’. There should be several different options available for you to try. The big brands you will have heard of (BT for the United Kingdom, for example) are your best bet for finding what you are looking for.

Step 2: Enter the Information you do know


You will usually have the option of putting in several pieces of information. These include the person’s name and location. The more specific you can be the better. If you know both their first name and surname, put in both. Similarly, provide as much information as you can regarding their address or location.

Step 3: Find out the Number


If the person you are trying to contact is registered with their local phone directory, you should be able to find their number with little difficulty.

No Luck?


Sometimes people prefer to stay off the grid, particularly if this individual is a personal friend rather than a company or business. But there are still some more things you can try.

Cell Phone Number Search


If you are searching for a cell phone number, this will not be listed in regular directories either. The National Cellular Directory is worth a try. However, this is a service someone has to manually register with, so unless the person in question has actively opted in, you might not have success here.

Try Facebook


Why not try and contact the person in a different way? They may be on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Pay for a ServiceIf all else fails there are companies you can hire to do the difficult work for you. Websites will nearly always charge for their services, but this is worth trying if you really need to get in touch with someone.